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                              Gary Haime, club Chairman/Manager - in his playing days for the Drove c.2007

                                                    Improvements to Main Road – Parson Drove Facility. 



As many of the community have probably already seen there has been many developments with the main road facility in recent months.

It has been our intention from re-starting this historical football club to improve the facility for everyone and bring to the modern era.  Football has for decades been a central part of the Parson Drove community and a football club rich in history even at FA Cup and FA Vase levels.

Developments thus far have been:

  • Refurbished changing rooms

  • Pitch surround including sponsor boarding

  • Erection of floodlights

The developments shall also aide the very successful car show and provide a better arena for the horse show.  Both events we are aware are vital to the amenities and the running of numerous activities within the community.

I have recently been elected to the amenities committee and we are already discussing many ways to make the facility better for all.  We wish to engage the community and assist in the facilities use and up-keep.

The football club has self-funded all developments and worked closely with the amenities throughout.  None of what we are doing is to restrict or change the facilities use; on the contrary it is to improve the facility.

We have already attracted a lot of positive press to the area of Parson Drove which will lead short and long term to further funding that can be used for the whole facility not just the sporting side of the facility.

Further developments that are planned are:

  • Hard standing surrounding the pitch and a pathway.

  • Extended shelter

  • New Dug-outs

  • New CCTV for the whole of the facility

  • Additional bins for dog-walkers and users of the facility

We are conscious of some youths who have previously used the facility and dug outs when not in use and have vandalised and used as an area to get intoxicated.  The new dug-outs will be secured to prevent this.

We wish to engage the youth in a productive way and sport is a wonderful way to do this.  We are just also now starting a relationship with Rethink mental health to try to bring awareness to a very real issue.


For us the football is of course vital, the facility other than a few years hiatus has always been heavily used for football however it goes so much beyond this.

We at the football club in no way are looking to change the current use of the facility, nothing that we have done or plan to do even suggests this.

We understand that some people are concerned, there is no reason to have concerns.  We are not here to negatively impact the community, on the contrary we are making the facility better and engaging more people within the community.

We would like to reiterate that anything that we have done or plan to do with the facility has been fully self funded, we have not taken a penny from the community or the amenities.  We agreed from the start to self fund developments and the amenities see the benefits to all the facilities users.

We would love more of you to come and see us on a Saturday afternoon and enjoy the sport, the atmosphere and support your local side.

Should anybody wish to discuss the developments I will always find time to do so either by email or call.


Please feel free to email myself directly  Gary.Haime@FCParsonDrove.co.uk