Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 3rd November 2018 

Committee members attending. 11

Apologies received from 6 members.

We have been looking into redecorating the roof of the Pavilion and fitting Solar Panels, the solar panels do not seem viable at this moment in time, we have received a quote of approximately £3500 to make good and repaint the roof. We are also awaiting another quote

We were unsuccessful in our application for a grant from A C R E but hopefully we will be able to raise more funds to alleviate this disappointment.

We are getting excited now as you will have seen bricks have begun to arrive ready for the work to begin.

We have been looking at some play area equipment, which will cost approximately £1000 per piece of equipment.

The football club will begin laying safety paths around the pitch. This does not mean the field cannot be used by dog walkers etc.

An overflow car pack out back will be completed ASAP,

The Halloween party on 31st October 2018 was a great success and was enjoyed children and adults alike. When questioned about what they would like to see in the hall they said they would like their own bingo. Julia and Christine to look into this.

 Xmas Fayre to be held 25th November 2018, we have sold over twenty tables, we will need to use The Pavilion as well as the Hall, Father Xmas will be visiting his grotto between Noon and 2 Pm. There will be a Raffle as well any raffle prizes will be greatly accepted. Please hand to a Committee Member. Teas Coffees and snacks will be served in Village Hall. Hope to see you all there.

Public meeting 17th November at 10.00am in Village Hall

Agenda for meeting. A 50 seater Stand for football Club. B what would people like to see in Play Area C.

Do People think a Car Boot would be a good idea?

B M X track was brought up at this meeting to be put on agenda for next meeting.

Dog pooh once again being left on field by owners we have requested a visit from the dog warden again to see if we can find the culprits. Our CCTV cameras are trying to detect these people as well. Also all dogs should be kept on a lead.

Meeting closed at 12.05 p.m.


Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 29th September 2018 at 10.00 am

Committee members attending. 10

Apologies received from 7 members.

At this meeting the councillors from the Parish Council were invited to attend.

The minutes from the last meeting held on the 1st September 2018 were signed off as true and correct.

It was agreed that we try to add money to the donation being received from the football club. We will be asking at the meeting what else you would like to see in the Play Area. AK left meeting at 10.35am to continue filling in the ruts ready for Gymkhana on Sunday 30th September 2018. Mr Shelley took over to chair rest of meeting.

The CCTV cameras are now up and running (big brother is watching you)

Subcommittee – events taking place are Halloween Children’s night in Village hall for Kids up to 11 to be accompanied by an adult. Best dressed child and or Pumpkin, There will also be some games arranged, prizes to be won 5.30 to 7.30 pm (contact Roger Reader)

10th November celebrations for end of WW1 in village hall during afternoon The Museum of Technology from Throckenholt and the Aviation Museum from Wisbech will be bringing some interesting items for display. In the evening there will be dancing to the Rusty Relics, tickets will be £2.50 and bring your own food. Bar open. (.Contact Roger 01945700501 or Martin)

February Valentine Dance featuring the Shadows. More details later.

DON’T FORGET CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAYRE ON 25th November 2018 at Village Hall 10.00am to 4.00 pm Contact Christine 700744)

A defribulator course to be run soon in Village Hall, date and time to be arranged

Meeting closed at 11.45 a.m.

Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 1st September 2018 at 10.00 am 


14 members attended the meeting, 3 offered apologies.

Our contract with Biffa Bins has ended now and new bin contract is with Fenland. If you use bins please make sure they are used correctly.

Due to the loss of diesel in June and the contamination of the land around the tank area our Insurance Company have raised our payment from approx. £700 to £1737.37. The Football Club have sponsored the Village Hall for this amount, our thanks to them, It was agreed that as the gas tank has to be moved during building it would be the best time to change the pavilion to gas also.

Mr Fowler has kindly agreed to let us use the field opposite the hall as a car park during building work, but we must be mindful of the weather.

Lottery Commission need someone to monitor the work and improvements to the village hall. Tania Cook has kindly offered to do this for us.

Our Events subcommittee has come up with some great events for us all to partake in.

31st October 2018 5.30pm to 7.30 pm in the village hall a Halloween evening for our children, prizes will be awarded for best dressed child, best pumpkin plus games. This will be free to children up to eleven, who must be accompanied by an adult also free entry.

10th November 2018 end of World war one celebrations, display in village hall in afternoon plus dancing to Rusty Relics in the evening to start at 7.30pm.  Entry £2.50, bring your own food. Bar open.

20th October 2018 Sausage Supper and Auction, £10 per person, to include Sausage and mash supper. We need items to auction on the night contact 01945700744 for collection or to arrange to deliver to hall. Dig out from the back of your garages and your hidey holes to see what you can find for us.

Football Call update. Football club would like a stand for seating 50 people. This is a stipulation by the FA if you want enter a higher league. The committee agreed we should put this out to a public consultation meeting to be arranged for November 2018. GH said work to start soon on CCTV cameras (13th September) He will be putting in some flush concrete paving after the Gymkhana and will be including picnic tables in this work This was agreed by the committee in 12th April meeting.

We discussed hire charges for new clubs setting up in the hall. If you are interested contact 01945700744 for more information.

Meeting closed at 12.35pm.


Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 28th July 2018 at 10.00 am 

10 members attended the meeting, 6 members offered apologies which were accepted. Mr Shelley chaired the meeting in Alan Killingworth’s absence.

Mr Shelley welcomed a new co-opted member to the committee Roger Casewell.

The minutes from the last meeting held on 30th June 2018 we signed off as a true copy

First off I have to apologise as the building work has not yet started, it is taking time to get gas tank moved.

Our BIFFA red bin will be collected on the 29t August for the last time, our contract will then be with FENLAND, green bin general use, blue bin recyclables. We have to make sure the bins are used for correct waste.

We are displaying a sign (These are your facilities please look after them) Mr Casewell said he would put up sign.

We have had an Asbestos check carried out in the Village Hall, the results have come back clear.

Parson Drove Car and Bike Show was a great success once again. Thanks to Roger and his team.

Mr Fowler has done some flailing work on the Playing Field (tiding up), once he has completed his harvesting he will return and do some more work. We have some trees to go a round the perimeter of the field.

The Sausage Super and Auction has been confirmed for the 20th October 2018, tickets will be priced at £10 per person, and this includes a sausage and mash meal with a dessert and choice of tea or coffee. Tickets will be available from Alan 07920475034 Gavin on 07740469472 or Christine on 01945700744. Clean and tidy items to be sold at the auction will be greatly appreciated. We will be pleased to collect your items nearer the time.

The Christmas Craft Fayre and table top on 25th November, booking forms are now available on line, from committee members  Roger on 01945700501 or Christine on 01945700744.

Meeting Closed.





Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 30th June 2018 at 10.00 am


There were 12 members attending the meeting with 4 members offering their apologies.


There has been concern voiced about people climbing on the roof of the pavilion. AK has spoken to A C R E about Parson Drove Amenities insurance regarding this. As long as we have correct signs, we are not to blame for any injuries received. Also we are hoping to paint with “Vandal proof paint”


We were given a lottery update from Gavin Booth, who is helping AK with the grant. It is hoped work can start on 30th July for approximately twenty weeks. Work will be carried out in different stages so we will be able to continue to use the hall as long as possible.


Mr Hunt had received interest from his Face Book account regarding use of Basket Ball and Tennis courts.

We really need someone local or otherwise who would be willing to organise and run these clubs for us. Is there anyone out there ? If so  PLEASE contact Mr Hunt on 01945 700070.

Fund raising; unfortunately the subcommittee had not been able to meet yet. It was suggested we have a Sausage Supper in October (date to be confirmed) and a Christmas Craft fair and Table Top Sale to be held in Village Hall on 25th November 2018 tables to be £10 each and the Fare to be 10.00am until 4.00pm, contact Christine Killingworth on 01945 700744 or Roger Reader on 01945 700501  to book a table or for any other information required.

It was agreed by committee that Murrow continue to use playing field for football on a Sunday.

“Dough Nutting” on car park continues to be a nuisance, we hope our new CCTV cameras will show who these people are.

We have had a diesel pipe broken and diesel taken from the Pavilion tank. We think this happened after Bingo on 28th June and the next morning.

Meeting Closed.


Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 2nd June 2018 at 10.00 am


Ten members of Committee attended, four offered apologies which were accepted.

All Pat testing has now been completed

FOOTBALL UPDATE: GH has been approached by girls under fourteen football team. The committee agreed for them to use our facilities and play under the umbrella of Parson Drove Football club. A 9x9 pitch to be marked out on field, the goal posts will be removable (on wheels), the girls to play on Saturday mornings.

Big Containers to be recited, last two ruts to be filled in on Wednesday 6th June DR to be on site to see this is completed, also slight adjustment to skate ramp needed as per ROSPA report. This will be carried out weather permitting.

GH has been approached by a Walking Football instructor. Who would like to introduce this to the village? Committee gave permission for GH to look into this.

DR asked could any of the other areas be used for other sports such as Netball, Basketball or Tennis. If anyone is interested in running one of these sports could you let the secretary know via email or telephone 01945700744.

Advertising boards round football area to be used by the Parson Drove Amenities’95 to advertise letting contacts telephone numbers etc. and to show who has invested monies in grants for our hall refurbishments.

Further CCTV cameras to be installed.

Litter Bins to be placed in strategic places around field  - PLEASE USE THEM.

Car and Trike show takes place on weekend of 14th and 15th July please come and support it.

Meeting closed.

Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on 12th May 2018 at 10.00 am


Matters arising from the minutes of last meeting.

Pat testing has now been completed in the hall, still to be completed in the Pavilion once all cupboards have been sorted out. 

There will be two bins in the front of the hall, blue will be recycling and then  a general rubbish bin don’t know colour yet. This comes into effect after end of May 2018.

The committee  have signed up to dog fouling, patrols will be carried out by Fenland District Council at any time and fines will be issued.

It was agreed that the Car Park be extended and resurfaced.  


A subcommittee has been formed to work with the Football Club. Mick George will head the subcommittee and report back to the Committee.

The Committee agreed in principle to a concrete path being put in and 2 metre hard standing area around pitch was also agreed in principle. No work to be carried out until after car show,

It was proposed and agreed for more dog fouling bins to be sited on the field.

It was proposed and agreed for picnic tables and benches be sited around the field.

Rospera reported back on their findings and asked that the obscene graffiti be removed and to tuck in mat around mugger area.

Future events were discussed to help raise more money - Table Top Sale, Cabaret. Car boot was thought not to be suitable at this time.

R Reader will put up his closed to public signs for field and mugger about three weeks before Car Show to make public aware. This happens every year.

Meeting closed.

Summary of minutes of Parson Drove Amenities meeting on Saturday 14th April 2018

We had a meeting this morning of our regular committee plus three new members, we had apologies from three new members, who were working or on holiday.

​Elections took place for the Committee posts -

Alan Killingworth was re-elected Chairman (contact

Mike Shelley was re-elected Vice Chair (contact via secretary)

Louise Hayes was re-elected Treasurer (

Christine Killingworth ( was elected Secretary.

​Football Update: Gary Haines was unable to attend meeting but sent his report through the chair. He will be having a Grounds man working on site soon. No new proposals were put before the committee.

​Treasurer’s report:

We have some bookings for April, May, and June. Some dates still available.

Phone Louise on 07587179082 or Julia on 01945701324 to book a date.

£100 refundable deposit required for most bookings.

​Lottery update: Chairman said he had contacted a solicitor to work with us and the lottery funders.

​New website: “ parsondroveinfo” is up and running.

​Meeting closed at